Bowie's letter to first US fan posted  

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In the midst of one of the busiest weeks I've ever lived, I couldn't pass up the chance to share this curious little story. David Bowie, a music and film superstar took the time 42 years ago to personally respond to his first fan letter from the USA. More interesting is that the fan, then Sandra Dodd, now Sandra Adams, scanned and posted an image of the personally typed out letter on her blog.
The letter, was typed on Bowie's manager's personal stationary and edited and signed by the artist himself. If only someone could tell what kind of machine he used. To view it in full size, just click on it. Enjoy.

Olivetti Horses  

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It comes as no surprise that the great literary genius of our day, Cormac McCarthy, wrote most of his novels on the same Olivetti Lettera 32. According to a New York Times article, McCarthy was recently gifted a new typewriter and will give his old one to Christie's to be auctioned off for charity. They expect between $15,000 and $20,000.
Alas, there's no money from young men like me to snatch that piece of history and perhaps even put a few of my own words on the same ribbon, next to his. Or pehaps one day my Olympia DeLuxe or my Hermes 3000 will sit on some collector's shelf next to the prominant Olivetti Lettera 32. Hey, a guy can dream right?

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