Calvin & Me--Beer and Faith  

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Why Calvinus Matters
Back from one of his many trips, my father brought with him a beer of which I knew nothing before. Calvinus is a tribute to Protestant father of Reformed thinking, John Calvin. Their website has a fun little intro. Anyhow, being as this is the 500th anniversary of the birth of said reformer, it seems only suitable that this be the year to try the beer named after him. 
  So what? -you might say. Well, it just so happens that I'm a graduate of Calvin College, a part-time student at Calvin Seminary, and overall agree with most of what the man proposed. Of course there was that incident with Miguel Serveto, which is not only lamentable, but also plainly wrong. 
The Beer
Back to the beer. Since there is only one bottle in the family, and since it does not belong to me, I decided to photograph it next to one of Calvin's biblical commentaries for memory's sake. The beer itself, as I understand it, is a Belgian White (whitbier) with lots of citrus and wheat to the flavor. Click here for a review. So, here are pictures of the beer itself. Below the pix I wrote the specs on how I took them and the equipment I used.  

 I know you can see my umbrella on the bottle. Sorry it was a quick setup in my parent's living room. 
The pic on the left was taken on a piece of laminated cardboard using a Canon 30D.
Left: 17-85 mm lense| iso 100| shutter speed 1/160| f 18|  two speedlite SB800s: the upper left one on an umbrella stand with swivel bracket| behind a shoot-through umbrella 2ft away and 3 ft off the ground| set at 1/4 power| another SB800 was about a foot away from the book| on the ground with the diffuser card| at 1/64.  

Right: 100mm macro| ISO 1000| 1/40| f 2.8 -no flash
Both pix below have the same specs as the pic on the right.

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