King Beer is Here (Kentucky Breakfast Stout)  

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On Saturday night, Founders held a party to mark the release of their most exclusive beer, and my estimation of what water will taste like in heaven: the Kentucky Breakfast Stout. The production is so limited that when I went to a liquor store to buy some, I was only allowed one four-pack and said pack was $22. I also found out that the owners randomly sign a bottle here and there (not every four-pack gets a signed bottle), and mine just happens to have one--which made me pretty happy when I realized it. Naturally, as soon as I got back in the car, my wife went in and bought another four-pack. I'll be stocking up in the next few days. If you love beer, GO BUY IT NOW. By the end of the year, you'll be lucky to get one beer on ebay for $40.   

   A formal review of the beer will appear as soon as I work up the courage to crack one open. Or when I go to founders with my friend Brian who writes Five Branch Tree. Below are some pictures for the uninitiated and for those unfortunate many who don't live in West Michigan, and below that my description of how I took the pix. 

Kentucky Breakfast Stout-Signature
This is obviously the label with the lucky signatures.

Kentucky Breakfast Stout-bottleKentucky Breakfast Stout-neck

That's what this handsome bottle looks like. 

Camera: Canon 30D
Lens: 100 mm macro
ISO: 100
SS: 1/60
I used two SB800 with remote flash.
The front one was a 1.5 ft away and 3 ft. off the ground on a stand, bounced off a reflective umbrella, front right, @ full blast. The second was a foot behind and to the left @ 1/4 with a diffuser card and a black flag to keep the light from washing out the front of the bottle.

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