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The Idea

Once upon a former life as a journalist, I reviewed spas and restaurants. Yes, I still wonder why I left that job---oh, yeah: it paid a pittance. Now I'm doing it for free. How?

Cards and Stamps
A fun way to tell people about a place, event or product, is to show labels, ticket stubs, tags, etc.  So, I'm going to physically glue said things of what I want to review onto cards that I salvaged from a dumpster. The cards say STAMPS, so all these posts will follow suit.

The Legend
From one to five $ signifies cost. From one to five * signifies rating.

NOTE: The actual review is below the STAMPS

The makers of what are probably the best microbrewed ales in the country, these guys just happen to be local to Grand Rapids, where I live. Expect me to review each of their ales and stouts--not all at once though. The tag above is the bottleneck sticker to the Dirty Bastard, my third favorite beer in the world. It's a rich beer, with a bitter top note and a sweat yet peaty finish that lingers in your mouth with little hints of hops and I'd almost say dark chocolate. It is an aggressive beer and apparently their flagship. Worth noting is an 8.5% alcohol content and 50 IBU's. This is the little brother to the Backwoods Bastard which is liquid ecstasy aged in whisky barrels, a real kick in the pants. Neither is for the Corona crowd, this is the real deal. 

The Omelette Shoppe (sorry no website)
I went there for breakfast today with a buddy of mine. It seems to be local to Grand Rapids but I'm not sure. O don't think they even have a site. I didn't have their specialty, I had a standard breakfast. I ordered two eggs, sunny side up, rye toast and a short stack of pancakes. Eggs are eggs and you have to be pretty dense to mess them up, but they were pretty good. Their rye is served buttered and toasted. I love the mixed pumpernickel with regular flour--the swirly-looking type.


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The Omelette Shop's eggs and bacon are quite bland. Their omelettes are pretty tasty and their buttermilk pancakes are fluffy and great with syrup.

Not a fan of the Dirty Bastard... but then again, I'm not a big fan of beer in general.

March 5, 2009 at 10:30 AM

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